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Jail Escape

Currently Abandoned

What is Jail Escape?

Jail Escape is a 2D action platformer.
I started writing Jail Escape soon after school let out after I finished 10th grade. I had some experience in Java, but had never really written anything as complex as a game (though I had attempted it before). Originally, the game was just supposed to help me learn how to use Java in more ways, which it did of course, but it turned into more. This game is still in very early development and may not look like much yet, but hopefully, at the end of this long journey, it will be a game one can enjoy and will be at least somewhat memorable ;)

Current Release Features

-Basic Main Menu

-Basic Movement

-Basic NPC AI

-Functioning Inventory

-Basic Items




-Death Screen

Known Bugs

- The player is visible breifly inside a block when getting hurt against a wall. This should be fixed in the next update.


WASD - move your character and the selector on the main menu

Space - Select a choice on the main menu, or go back from the how-menu

Escape - close the game

E - Open/close the inventory

Mouse - Drag and drop items in the inventory to rearrange them

       E while holding an item - drop the item