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Reverse Blade

What is Reverse Blade?

Reverse Blade is currently in the works to be a multi-platform (PC, Android, iOS) game that will play similarly to Nintendo's Fire Emblem series, but I have yet to completely decide upon all the features that will be available and the storyline.

Current Features

  • Fully Functioning Main Menu (Added prior to 7/14/14)
  • Fully Functioning Saving/Loading of Game States (Added prior to 7/14/14)
  • Sound Effects (Added prior to 7/14/14)
  • Units (Added prior to 7/14/14)
  • Unit Stats (Added prior to 7/14/14)
  • Movement (without animations) (Added prior to 7/14/14)
  • Unit Stat Window (Added prior to 7/14/14)
  • Weapons (Added 7/14/14)
  • Help Notices in Stat Window (Added 7/16/14)

Future Features

In order of what will be worked on next
  • Item Display in Stat Window
  • Help Notices for Items
  • Movement Animations
  • Enemy Units
  • Battling
  • Turns
  • Enemy AI
  • Story Implementation

Continuous Implementation

  • Add more items
  • Add more classes
  • Add characters
  • Add to story
  • Add to mechanics
  • Add to skills